Prof. Holloway Publishes in Harvard Theological Review

Harvard Theological Review
In his recent research, Sewanee Professor of Classics and Ancient Christianity Paul A. Holloway examines Paul's rhetoric of life and death in his letter to the Philippians. His recent article, entitled, "Deliberating Life and Death: Paul's Tragic Dubitatio in Philippians 1:22-26" was recently published in the Harvard Theological Review.
In the article, Prof. Holloway points to the use of Dubitatio, a figure of speech used in careful deliberation, and its role in the characterization of both Paul and his audience in Philippians:
In Philippians 1:22–26, Paul uses dubitatio to draw the readers into his deliberations whether to commit suicide in prison. In so doing, he not only reveals to them his own character but their character as well, in as much as it is their inordinate grief over his imprisonment that will ultimately determine Paul's decision.
The full text article can be found here.
Paul Holloway teaches courses in both the School of Theology and the College of Arts and Sciences, and has been in Sewanee since 2009. Prior to coming to Sewanee, he was Senior Lecturer in New Testament and Christian Origins in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies in the University of Glasgow, Scotland.
More information on Prof. Holloway's life and work can be found here.