Faculty & Staff

Kyle Mahoney

Visiting Assistant Professor of Classical Archaeology and Classical Languages
B.A., Gettysburg College; M.A., Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania


Kyle Mahoney came to Sewanee in 2017. He received a BA in Classics and Greek from Gettysburg College (2008) and a Ph.D. in Ancient History from the University of Pennsylvania (2016). Before coming to Sewanee, Kyle taught Classical civilization, archaeology, and Latin at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. At Sewanee, Kyle teaches introductory and intermediate Latin and courses in Classical archaeology. 

Kyle’s research focuses upon the intersection of Greek archaeology, religion, and history. He specializes in the study of Greek inscriptions, and he also maintains interests in Linear B (the script of Mycenaean Greece), landscape archaeology, Roman topography, and historiography. He has worked on a number of archaeological projects in Greece, Italy, and Albania, and he is currently Assistant Director of the Mt. Lykaion Excavation and Survey Project in Greece’s Peloponnese. 



Peer-reviewed Articles and Book Chapters: 

“Mycenaean E-pi-ko-wo and Alphabetic Greek Ἐπίκουρος Revisited.” Kadmos, forthcoming. 

“Mycenaean Mt. Lykaion and the Linear B Documents.” Proceedings of Ancient Arcadia – History and Culture of a Mountainous Region, forthcoming. 

“The Inscriptions of Mt. Lykaion, I.” Mt. Lykaion Studies I, forthcoming.